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Course Statistics

2013 Original STEMI 12-Lead Zoll LP15

2014 PCP ASR In Class 12 ECG Review

2015 PCP ASR In Class 12-Lead LBBB Review

2016 ACP ECG Talk Dr Green

2016 ACP ECG Talk Dr Henderson

2017 PCP Spring CME 12-Lead ECG Review

2018 PCP Spring CME In Class 12-Lead Review with Answers

2019 Fall CME (Coming Soon)

2019 Fall CME copy 1

ACP ETT and Tracheotomy Suctioning

Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards


Anticoagulants and NSAIDs

Benadryl Education


Combative Patient Test

CPAP Education

Cyanide Exposure - Cyanokit

Dextrose Administration

Discussion Forum

Dr. Affleck - PPT on Professionalism

Emergency Child Birth Education

Gravol Administration

Gravol Education

Hemodialysis & Peritoneal Dialysis

King LT Education

Naloxone IN Administration

Orientation New Hires

PCP & ACP Analgesia Training Course

PCP ETT and Tracheotomy Suctioning

PCP IV Autonomous

PCP IV Autonomous - Prerequisites for In Class

Pipe Smoking 101 (Test Course #5) < Also only for Hobbits

Rainy River District Fall Maintenance of Certification Self Booking In Class Schedule

Rapid Interpretation of EKG 6th Edition

Return to Practice - Greater than 1 year

Review of Policies and Procedures for Clinical Placement at TBRHSC

Subcutaneous Injection

Suspected Adrenal Crisis

Taser Removal

Tea Brewing 101 1 (Test Course #4) < This is only for Hobbits


Test August 13 Demo

Test Course #1

Test Course #2

Test Course #3

Webinar - Is it that time already??

Webinar - Can We Talk??!! - Nitro in ACS!!!

Webinar - Condition Critical...Stenosis

Webinar - Critical Thinking

Webinar - Exerise'll Kill Ya!! - Sudden Death in the Young Athlete - Part 2

Webinar - Exerise'll Kill Yah!! - Sudden Death in the Young Athlete - Part 1

Webinar - Hyperkalemia - The Great Masquerader

Webinar - If you hear hooves...It might be a zebra!

Webinar - It's been a rather inferior week!!

Webinar - Mnemonic Time!

Webinar - Novel Oral Anticoagulant Meds - New Kids On The Block

Webinar - PEA...trying to live vs PEA trying to die

Webinar - Putting the "Sexy" in Bagging

Webinar - The Successful Handover

Webinar - Toolbox, you say!!

Webinar - Toxic Pediatric Ingestion - One Pill That Kills

Webinar - When a seizure isn't a seizure

Webinar - You can't dance if you don't come to the party!!

Webinar - Your're too slow!! - Symptomatic Bradycardia

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The Ontario Base Hospital is a fictitious base hospital. This site is used for demonstration, development and testing purposes only.

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