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Specific standards in Section 2 – Medical Standards have been developed not on the basis of diagnosis, but on the basis of:

  1. chief complaint, as stated by the patient/bystanders;
  2. presenting problem as indicated by the patient/bystanders; and/or
  3. immediately obvious primary survey critical findings, e.g. respiratory failure.

Paramedics should be aware of a patient’s potential to deteriorate and prepare accordingly. Particular attention should be paid to the potential for compromises to airway, breathing or circulation, seizures, and/or emesis.

In conjunction with history gathering, paramedics shall determine provoking factors, quality, region/radiation/relieving factors, severity, and timing of the chief complaint or presenting problem.

When providing patient care as per Section 2 – Medical Standards, a paramedic shall ensure that the patient simultaneously receives care in accordance with the ALS PCS.


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