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Medication Doses and Administration

Medication doses may be either in per kilogram or fixed doses, depending on common clinical practice.  The number of recommended medication doses may be administered regardless of any previous self-administration by a patient.  When more than one route of medication administration is listed, the order of preference for route of administration is from left to right. Clinical circumstances for each case should determine the final route chosen.

Pediatric medication doses can vary slightly according to the source of expert opinion.  The pediatric medication doses in the ALS PCS are the preferred doses. However, medication doses as determined by an up-to-date version of a widely accepted pediatric emergency tape (e.g. Broselow Tape) are an acceptable alternative.  Use of a pediatric emergency tape shall be documented on the ACR when it is used to determine a pediatric medication dose.

Medication doses may be calculated based upon weight or other factors and result in a fraction that cannot be measured accurately. Depending on the delivery method used, medication doses may require rounding from the exact dose calculated. In these cases, the medication dose delivered will be rounded to the closest dose that can accurately be measured.


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