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Regulated Health Professionals Standard

In situations involving a patient under the care of a regulated health professional, the paramedic shall:


Recall paragraph 8 of Paramedic Conduct under the Paramedic Conduct Standard; accordingly, paramedics and regulated health professionals should work cooperatively in making decisions and providing quality patient care.

  1. recognize the training and qualifications of the regulated health professional, e.g. physician, nurse, midwife, respiratory therapist;
  2. determine the nature of the request for ambulance services;
  3. obtain confirmation (may be verbal) that the regulated health professional is a registered member of his/her College within Ontario, and that the patient is under his/her care;
  4. upon request, assist the regulated health professional with patient care only to the level in which the paramedic is authorized; and
  5. in conjunction with the Documentation of Patient Care Standard, document on the Ambulance Call Report,
    1. the name of regulated health professional,
    2. the type of regulated health professional, and
    3. any care provided by the regulated health professional.


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