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Police Notification Standard

General Directive

Paramedics shall ensure that police are notified in any cases involving unusual or suspicious situations (e.g. sudden death, violence, foul play, accidents involving emergency vehicles).


Requesting Police Assistance

  • Paramedics requesting police assistance will:
    • Contact his/her CACC/ACS via radio or telephone
    • State the nature of the request
    • Indicate the urgency of response and request the estimated time of arrival
    • Advise of possible hazards
    • Indicate access routes (where applicable)
    • Provide police with an update of the situation when they arrive at the scene
  • The following radio codes should be used to contact police in extenuating circumstances: 
    • 10-200 - No immediate danger is evident to patient or paramedic
    • 10-2000 - Immediate danger is evident to patient or paramedic
    • Emergency button on radio and other communication equipment, when available
  • The use of police vehicle escorts during transport for the purpose of traffic control is discouraged due to the prevalent danger it presents

Suspected Foul Play

In cases of suspected foul play, every effort should be made to leave the scene undisturbed and to preserve as much evidence as possible for the police.

The following should be noted: 

  • Once a body is moved it can never be put back in its original position
  • Careful attention is required whenever something is moved
  • Whenever possible use the shortest, most direct path to the patient and the same path when leaving the scene
  • Attempt to preserve the chain of evidence; do not discard linen/clothes after call completion without checking with the receiving facility or investigating officer
  • The receiving facility staff should also be cautioned regarding the suspected foul play


In cases of hanging, the following special precautions should be taken:

  • Careful observation should be made of the position of the rope around the patient’s neck.
  • The rope should be cut only if it cannot be readily slipped off and in such a way that the knot will be preserved.


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