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General Measures Standard

The paramedic shall:The paramedic shall:

  1. on receipt of a call, confirm call information with the Central Ambulance Communication Centre/Ambulance Communication Service (CACC/ACS);
  2. use an appropriate route and speed while operating the ambulance, adhere to approved driving and occupant restraint policies and practices, and operate the ambulance and utilize ambulance emergency warning systems in a responsible manner;
  3. on arrival at the scene, perform an assessment of the environment, park the ambulance in a safe place, as close to the point of patient contact as possible, and identify routes of access and egress;
  4. ensure the call environment is safe with no danger to self or others;
  5. if danger exists, or there is uncertainty regarding personal and/or patient safety, request assistance from allied emergency services and maintain communication with CACC/ACS;
  6. bring to the point of initial patient contact all equipment required to establish baseline vital signs and perform defibrillation;
  7. use call and scene information to determine any additional equipment likely to be required to manage the call, and bring to point of initial patient contact;
  8. if there is more than one patient and/or additional resources or assistance is required, make requests to CACC/ACS;
  9. utilize personal protective equipment according to the Patient Care and Transportation Standards, and take appropriate safety measures;
  10. identify and introduce themselves to the patient and others as appropriate;
  11. obtain consent for patient care as per the Heath Care Consent Act, 1996 (Ontario);
  12. use proper, effective communication techniques to establish patient trust;
  13. protect the patient from hazards and exposure to adverse environmental conditions;
  14. for scene responses involving hazardous materials, reference the Transport Canada Emergency Response Guidebook;
  15. ensure safe use and disposal of equipment (e.g. sharps); and16. perform hand hygiene as per the Patient Care and Transportation Standards


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