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RPPEO Sepsis Notification Tool


Minimize time on scene and notify receiving hospital if you identify the following: 

Criteria 1

Current Infection

  • urinary tract
  • recent post-op
  • cellulitis, etc... (not a complete list)

OR Suspicion of infection and known immunocompromised:

  • active chemo
  • transplant patient
  • HIV, etc... (not a complete list)

Criteria 2

History of fever, or present temperature >38.3 ℃

Did you know?
Studies have demonstrated decrease in mortality associated with prompt recognotionand early administration of antibiotics.  

Criteria 3

Sign of hypoperfusion, 2 or more of

  • SBP < 90
  • HR ≥ 100
  • RR ≥24
  • Altered LOA/LOC, etc

Notify Hospital

of suspected septic patient.

User SBAR(R)!

REMEMBER: Decreased time to antibiotics is the goal!




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