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Maintenance of Certification

The following requirements apply with respect to Paramedics regarding the maintenance of Certification.

  1. The Paramedic shall demonstrate competency in the performance of Controlled Acts and other advanced medical procedures, compliance with the ALS PCS, and the provision of patient care at the Paramedic’s level of Certification. Competency and compliance shall be determined by the Medical Director and may include chart audits, field evaluations, and RBHP patch communication review.
  2. The Paramedic shall not have an absence from providing patient care that exceeds ninety (90) consecutive days.
  3. The Paramedic shall either,
    1. provide patient care to a minimum of ten (10) patients per year whose care requires assessment and management at the Paramedic’s level of Certification, or
    2. where a Paramedic is unable to assess and manage the minimum of ten (10) patients per year, demonstrate alternate experience, as approved by the Medical Director, that may involve 1 or more of the following:
      1. other patient care activities;
      2. additional CME;
      3. simulated patient encounters; and;
      4. clinical placements.
  4. The Paramedic shall complete at least 1 evaluation per year at the appropriate level of Certification, which may include: an assessment of knowledge and evaluation of skills; scenarios; and on-line learning and evaluation.
  5. The Paramedic shall complete a minimum of CME hours per year as follows: eight (8) hours for PCPs, twelve (12) hours for PCP Flight, twenty-four (24) hours for ACPs *, and seventy-two (72) hours for ACP Flight and CCP. CME hours include hours completed as part of an evaluation required by paragraph 4.

Upon meeting the above requirements for Cross Certification, the Medical Director shall certify the Paramedic.

*With respect to an ACP whose Certification has been for a period of less than a year and who has completed a minimum of eight (8) hours of CME, the Medical Director shall proportionally adjust the remaining required CME hours.


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