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Cross Certification

The following requirements apply with respect to Paramedics who are already certified and who are seeking Certification by a Medical Director in another RBHP.

  1. The Paramedic shall be employed or retained by an Employer within the specified catchment area.
  2. The Paramedic shall complete a form provided by the RBHP that includes the following:
    1. a list of all RBHPs under which the Paramedic has received Certification within the ten (10) year period immediately preceding the application;
    2. a declaration of the dates of all previous Deactivations and/or Decertifications that have occurred within the ten (10) year period immediately preceding the application;
    3. status of all current Certifications from all RBHPs; and
    4. written permission for the prospective RBHP to obtain information in writing from other physicians, other programs, etc. regarding the Paramedic’s previous practice.
  3. The Paramedic shall successfully complete an evaluation by the RBHP and any orientation and training required by the RBHP. The evaluation may include:
    1. an assessment of knowledge and skills;
    2. scenario evaluation; and
    3. oral interview or clinical evaluation with the Medical Director or designate.

Upon meeting the above requirements for Cross Certification, the Medical Director shall certify the Paramedic.


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